SAMTEX develops multifunctional fabrics specifically designed and engineered to ensure predefined performance requirements our specific technical fabrics are CE certified for protection against any adverse weather conditions such as wind cold, rain and snow. also high protection against abrasion, tear and tensile strength


We ensure our functional fabrics accompanies you in your outdoor activities in everyday life. Maximum functionality with highest wearing waterproof, windproof, breathability and comfort.


Our innovative fabrics for workwear and functional protective clothing developed according to specific work areas such as uniforms, corporate, and the general workforce. We also ensure technological features of functional workwear apparels.


Our R&D team developed special fabrics for police & Military wear tailored with high quality Polyamide, Nilon66, Dyneema yarn with stretch, antistatic, a high degree of rip resistance. We offer flame, wind, rain protection with ideal moisture management and maximum abrasion resistance.


Functional high-tech qualities for winter sports, SAMTEX offers a wide range of superior, durable and innovative feelgood fabrics – tailored exactly to the application’s requirements. The future sportswear fabrics will incorporate functions and fashion that make it wearable. we are preparing for the future.


We developed strong, waterproof, lightweight, high wear resistant functional fabrics which is ideal for traveler luggage or backpack.